Yoga transforms my WHOLE LIFE – it reduces my stress levels, keeps me centered and connected to my intuition, increases my energy, improves my overall health and helps me stay lean, strong and flexible. – Allison Clay

RYT 200




My Credentials
I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and Master Certified Life Coach (Dr. Martha Beck). I’ve trained with Monica Schmidt, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Gloria Allen and other renowned teachers.

My Style
I teach yoga in a way that makes people feel calm, focused and energized. My classes are designed with a specific purpose in mind – to give people the tools that will help them find balance in their lives and to come away feeling more of who they already are – a being with infinite possibilities! I cultivate a safe environment for students at any level and invite them to discover their own playful nature, to develop a keen sense of curiosity and to dwell in limitless possibilities.

Private Instruction
Private yoga instruction is offered to students that want to work on specific poses, desire to deepen their practice, or may be working with injuries and want to learn how to modify poses so they can safely continue to practice until fully healed. Private yoga instruction may also include any and all of the transforming tools of yoga and we meet according to your schedule and time frame. Many students come for classes and private sessions and some choose private sessions only – it is a personal preference.

Workplace Yoga
On Site Workplace Yoga is a program where I come to your place of business and teach yoga classes. It is convenient and healing. All we need is an open space to move freely. Companies have yoga class in conference rooms, gyms, or outside in the fresh air. Yoga is great to practice in the morning before work, midday, and after work. Workplace Yoga is for all ages and all levels of experience.

I’m on a mission to help people de-stress, re-focus and have a happier and healthier life by bringing yoga to their workplace. Research shows that employees who feel their employers care about their well-being are more productive, dedicated and take less sick-time. Employees are the biggest asset your company has and offering yoga in the workplace shows how much you value them. Workplace Yoga has amazing benefits:

  • Yoga movements help productivity by decreasing and releasing stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Yoga exercises relieve pain from back, neck, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and alleviate headaches.
  • Yoga poses rejuvenate yet relax your mind and body from the hectic corporate lifestyle.
  • Yoga enhances alertness and mental clarity, people often feel energized after class.
  • Yoga improves physical stamina and resistance to illness, resulting in less sick days.
  • Yoga classes build camaraderie of co-workers who work together and who work in different departments.
  • Yoga improves communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Yoga improves breathing and blood circulation, which results in a healthy immune system.
  • Yoga class conveniently fits into your schedule, choose what works best for your employees: morning before work, noon break, or evening after work to wind down.

There are several programs that I can implement in your workplace:

Morning ‘Kick-Start’ Yoga – Before the workday begins, employees enjoy an energizing yoga practice.

Yoga ‘Lunch-Box’ – Employees enjoy a stress-releasing and energizing yoga practice that aids focus for the rest of their day on the tasks at hand.

Afternoon ‘Energy-Boost’ – This yoga practice not only releases stress but boosts energy levels right when most people feel their energy drop.

End of Day ‘Wrap-Up’ – After an intense day at the office, there’s no better way for employees to wrap it up than with a yoga practice to shake off stress and feel uplifted.

Company Event ‘Creativity Jumpstart’ – A creative yoga practice is an excellent way to prepare for brain-storming sessions, team-building exercises, or morale events.

Workplace Yoga fees are negotiated on a case by case basis and can by employer sponsored, fully funded by employees, or anywhere in between.