Spring Shoe Trends 2017


Put your winter boots away, it’s sandal season! Step into Spring with these latest footwear trends from my favorite brands from Outlets at Anthem. Plus, I’ve added in some foot care tips to get your feet in sandal shape. Watch video here.


· The block heel trend is still going strong. It’s comfortable and easy to walk in. Your feet will thank you.

· The gladiator sandal deserves some real estate in your closet! This popular shoe is back for spring with a full range of styles, from short to tall and in-between.

· Metallics are the new neutrals this season. Silver and gold never go out of style, but rose gold is the metallic to beat this season.

· Suede fabric is making an appearance this spring on trendy wedges and strappy sandals. This fabric is no longer just for winter but in style for spring and summer.

· Foot jewelry is this season’s hot trend. Adorn your feet with some bling. Wear anklets and toe rings individually or together with your favorite sandals!


· Exfoliate: Use a foot file and pumice stone to remove the dry, calloused skin form the bottoms of your feet. Removing the dead skin will help remove cracks from the dry winter.

· Hydrate: After a winter in socks and boots, you want to load up on moisture. Before bed, put on a thick cream or mega hydrating oil, and then pop some cotton socks over the top. In the morning, you’ll have super soft feet. True Blue Cracked Heel treatment & Super Rich Foot Cream from Bath & Body Works are great products to help restore your winter feet.

· Paint your toenails a bright color to go with the season. Choose a bright, fun polish!  A coral, red, or bright pink is always in style in the warm spring and summer months.

All shoes, accessories and products in video can be found at:
Outlets at Anthem
4250 W. Anthem Way
Phoenix, AZ 85086




GLUTEN-FREE PUMPKIN CUPCAKES & Getting it all Done, not Perfect.

The gluten-free (not sugar-free) pumpkin cupcakes I meant to make for Valentine’s Day. I finally got around to it today. Rainy days makes me want to bake. I had promised my kids I would make their favorite treat for Valentine’s Day. And then I got busy, and work piled on, and…. and… and the cupcakes never got made. I fell out of integrity with my kids and myself.  It felt kinda sh#tty.

Do you ever beat yourself for forgetting, failing or not doing something perfectly? I used to. But now my motto is “Done, not perfect”. It’s much more loving and kind. And when I’m kind to myself, I teach others how to treat me.

So now I’m back in integrity. A week late. Better late than never.  I feel much better.  And yes, it’s my famous secret recipe. I’m sharing, cuz I love you.

Who says pumpkin is only for Halloween and Thanksgiving?!

Gluten-free Pumpkin Cake or Cupcakes

2 cups of sugar
1 cup of vegetable oil
4 eggs, beaten
1 small can of pumpkin
1 tsp. soda
½ tsp salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1 ¼ tsp. cinnamon
1 7/8 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free 1-to-1 Baking Flour flour (2 tbsp. off of 2 cups)

Mix all ingredients and bake at 325 for 20 -30 minutes in 16 x 11x 1 bar greased pan or cupcake tin.

6 oz. cream cheese (not whipped or lite)
12 Tbsp. butter

I love gluten-free recipes. Share your favorites in the comments.

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Last week, I asked my client what she really wants.

She said, “I want an extraordinary life and feel empowered to do anything!”

That’s quite a statement.  We explored what it would take to be and feel that way.  I used to think of being extraordinary as meaning I had to win huge awards, be super wealthy, or famous. However, those are the byproducts of being extraordinary.  Did you know you can be extraordinary right now?
Let me explain…

First, let’s define the terms:

EXTRAORDINARY is to be beyond what is usual and to be exceptional in character or remarkable.

So… If it isn’t usual for you to be calm, present, conscious then choosing that “beingness” is extraordinary for you. If you aren’t used to being on time, keeping your promises with yourself or others, or doing what ever it takes to get the job done, then it would be extraordinary to do so.

EMPOWERED is to be given the power to do something. It means a person becomes stronger and more confident in controlling their life or claiming their rights.

You become empowered when you take responsibility for your happiness, you take charge of finding the answers, or fixing something yourself, instead of being a victim or dependent on others to lead.

You become extraordinary the moment you decide to commit to step out of your comfort zone and express yourself authentically in the world.

You become empowered the moment you decide to shape your world, rather than be shaped by it.

It is a spark… a moment when you decide and commit, where you taps into your internal power. An energy that you can’t buy or be given. You becomes the source of your success.

In that moment, you become the sole architect and artist of your life – an extraordinary and empowered woman, where the rest of the world serves as the hammer and chisel you hold in order to shape it to your desire.

How to be extraordinary everyday:

  1. Sit in gratitude. Notice how beautiful and abundant your life is in the simplest ways.
  2. Choose an area of your life that you want to be extra-ordinary.
  3. Be consistently in action with one new habit every day that is uncomfortable and an expression of your authentic self.

VOILA! These little uncomfortable actions lead you to your authentic and extraordinary life in every moment.



How to Host a Vision Board Workshop for Little Girls with Big Dreams

If you missed my Vision board party for girls at ivivva (a cool active wear store for young girls by Lululemon).

Here’s the “How To” instructions to host your own event.

1. Send an Invitation
Pick a place, time and date. Invite your favorite Little Girls with Big Dreams (and their moms and dads too).

2. Gather Supplies
Collect a lot of magazines (that you can cut up), photographs, pens and markers, scissors, glue, and a large poster boards. Ask the girls to bring photos and images of things they love too so it is more personal.

3. What is a Vision Board?
A vision board is something you create to remind yourself of your own, personal goals. Whether you wish to get better grades in school, make new friends or get a summer job, your vision board represents a collection of your greatest dreams and desires. Once you’ve made your vision board, you’ll be able to look at it and use it as a reminder of the things you want to achieve most.

4. How to make a vision board
You glue images and words cut from magazines or photographs, or drawn/written by hand, to a large piece of poster board. It’s like a fun craft project!

5. Gather the girls and do a short 3 – 5 minute mediation
Get in a comfortable seated position (on the floor or in a chair). Close your eyes, take long deep breaths. imagine yourself one year from now, and 10 years from now. What do you see yourself doing, achieving, experiencing. How does it make you feels? Stop talking and let them imagine in the silence.

6. How to set long term and short goals
After the meditations, before you start cutting and pasting, write a list of your dreams, wishes, and goals that you saw in your meditation.

Examples of short term goals:

  1. To learn how to play the piano.
  2. To get a job babysitting this summer.
  3. To get an A in math this year.

Examples of long term goals:

  1. To go to college.
  2. To become a pilot, actress or Olympic athlete some day.
  3. To drive a convertible car when I turn 16.

7. Creating your vision board
After you’ve made a list of your goals and dreams, start flipping through the magazines and photographs, cutting out images and words that relate to your goals and dreams. Glue the images to your board.
For the above lists, you may find and choose the following images and words:

Images: A piano, puppy, babysitter with kids, airplane, convertible

Words: “Confidence”, “love”, “Pilot”, “Harvard College”, “Win an Emmy Award”, “A+”

Remember: There are no limits when it comes to your own, personal goals and dreams. With patience, hard work and dedication, any dream is doable, and any wish is achievable!

8. Inspire the girls to take action
Challenge them to take one small actions or create a habit they can do to get closer to their goals and vision.








Exposing your flaws makes you shine brighter

Many times I have restrained myself from expressing my truth, talents, joy, excitement, failures, and success. It was out of fear of people not liking me and worry of they will think — “she’s dumb, bragging, showoff, weird, too good to be true” or whatever the story is. So I lived safe, and as “perfectly” as possible.

Being a perfectionist is an exhausting lifestyle because you are forcing yourself to be, say and do whatever you think will get you love and approval in that moment.

All humans need to belong and feel loved to thrive and survive. The irony is we isolate ourselves from love when we live in the perfectionist prison.

When people live out of alignment with their truth and values, they become sick, angry, and depressed. I was all of that.

What I have experienced is when I let my light shine and express my truth, it inspires others to do the same.

Living my truth (the good, bad and the ugly) has attracted some of the most extraordinary people into my life who love me just the way I am! They are imperfectly perfect and “flawsome” just like me. They love unconditionally and don’t expect me to be different.

And I’m accepting of the ones who don’t agree with me, criticize, judge, or leave my life. We simply are not a match. Simple as that. And I no longer exhaust myself trying to prove my worth to them or be “right”. My energy is best spent elsewhere.

All of us have important gifts to share with the world. If we want to live in a healthy world of love, kindness, abundance, and peace, it is imperative that we rise up together and support each other in spreading our unique light in the world.




The #1 Reason You May Never Reach Your Goals

Commitment LadderYou and your best friend can set the same goal (weight loss, new job, find love), and you both may have similar circumstances, like the same education, intelligence, attractiveness, income, life coach, etc, however, you both may not achieve it.

Do you know why?

It is because each of you has a different level of commitment.
The person who has a HIGH level of commitment will reach the goal almost every time. She will do whatever it takes (always say no to sugar and alcohol, get up every day at 5 am and work until midnight until the task is done, be open minded and go out a man who may not be her “type”, or ask for help even if it makes her feel embarrassed).
The person who has a LOW level of commitment will always fail or constantly fall short of what they really want. She says she really wants a boyfriend, or to be able to wear a smaller dress size, or make more money…. however when push comes to shove, she is just hoping it will all work out, or she will try, or she will only work 40 hours a week, or blah, blah, blah … (fill in any excuse here).
That’s the bottom line.
Everyday in my life coaching business, I help people get clear on what they really want, visualize it, create perfect goals for them, feel really good about the plan, and set up systems, habits and strategies to achieve it all. The process I teach does work — I have witnessed hundreds of people create their dream lives.
Here’s the catch… it only works if you commit 100% to your goals.


1. You will most likely reach or exceed your goals. Make sure you set goals you really want.
2. You will love yourself more. Your self esteem will sky rocket!
3. People will be attracted to you. Integrity is sexy. 😉
4. You become successful in other areas. It’s contagious.
5. You will have more peace. Stress can kill you.

6. You will become more decisive. You will have no problem saying NO!


1. Doing whatever it takes
2. Doing the best I can
3. I will until / unless
4. I want
5. I will try
6. I hope

Right now, think about one of your goals. Why haven’t you achieved it yet?

What are the things you say and do about it?

Where do you sit on the commitment ladder?







4 Life Changing Benefits of Planning

4 Life Changing Benefits of Planning

4 Life Changing Benefits of Planning

As I am giving my attention to the launch of the I AM Project, I am reminded of the value of planning.

When I have a plan, my life becomes easier. My anxiety and overwhelm dissipates. And my vision comes to life. And when all that happens, I shake my head and ask myself “why didn’t I make a plan sooner?!”.

A plan is essential for you to be able to see or visualize your destination in order to get there.  Your vision may be you as a peaceful, healthy, energetic person surrounded by loving, close relationships as you share your gifts with the world.  Most would agree these are very enticing goals. However, most of us need help with the plan to bring them to life.

If you don’t write down your plans, you’re probably experiencing some confusion, because it’s hard to see the plan when it’s entirely in your mind. You may feel overwhelmed, because you’re constantly engaged in trying to remember, and perhaps fear and anxiety that you’re missing something.

Writing out your vision and plan will help you decrease those feelings.

1. Writing it down makes it real.  It’s one thing to have a thought; it’s another to write a plan. It is similar to drawing up the blueprints before building a home. When you make a plan it forces you to see the entire structure before you begin. It greatly improves your chances of ending up with a house, rather than a slab of concrete with a scattering of bricks, pipes, and wires. The time and energy of planning is an investment that will pay off in the future.

2. A plan empowers you. Now you aren’t a spectator of your life. You hold the pen. You are the visionary. Planning is an act of affirming this role. Taking the time to plan is also an act of honoring your soul, your purpose, and your passion. If you have relationships that rely on you, then planning is one of the most respectful and loving things you can do.

3. Planning creates momentum.  When our thoughts, words, actions, commitments, and environment are in alignment, we create huge momentum. It activates energy around us that attracts circumstances and resources to help the process.

4. Planning allows you to do many big things in a balanced way. When you make planning a habit and you do it with clarity and consciousness, it makes life simpler. The map and structure leads the way. A plan will create a clear path to your dreams.









It was a perfect storm of health issues that got my attention:
adrenal fatigue, auto-immune disease, leaky gut, candida,
weight gain, toxins & heavy metal poisoning.

My body quit on me.
Something was clearly wrong.
But the answer wasn’t clear.

It took 2 years, 9 doctors, and dozens of tests to figure it out.

My body was full of toxins and all systems were breaking down. One thing led to another and those buggers were taking over my gut, bloating my belly, stealing my memory, blurring my vision, inflaming all my joints and making me very, very tired.

After months and months of clean eating, no sugar, consuming powerful dense nutrient-rich food, detoxing, cleansing and resting,
I got my health back. Now, I feel better than ever.

My illness was my wake up call to put my health first.
Make it a lifestyle, not a fad or a diet.  To create habits I could keep forever.
Because I want to live a very long time.

My pain is your gain. If you want incredible energy, to release some extra pounds, build beautiful lean muscle and reboot your body…

I have a solution for you.

Join me in The 6 week Whole Body Reboot Cleanse.



Great White Shark

There is good reason that sharks are at the top of the food chain. They are fearless, calculating, respected, and well, frightening. After watching the 24/7 Discovery Channel Shark Week, I wonder how many thousands of watchers are paralyzed with fear of entering bodies of water (swimming pools included).

In my coaching practice, I help my clients overcome fear and get in action. After watching traumatic episode after episode of the dangers of these frenzied monsters, I had an aha: You don’t have to become a menacing terror to be successful, shark offers other qualities that are sure to help you rise up the food chain.

Fearless Shark Tips: Read More…