Here’s what a few of my clients, mentors, and associates have to say about Allison.

Dr. Martha Beck
“Allison is something of a visionary, particularly talented at taking her clients from vaguely formed hopes and dreams to specific, clear goals. Her personal warmth and energy are invaluable when it comes to the pragmatic work of achieving those goals. Allison will never give up on her ideals, her life’s work, or her clients. If you need a stalwart cheerleader and advisor to get you through any life change, Allison will fill that role with grit, intelligence, and compassion.”

-Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author, life coach, O: Oprah Magazine monthly columnist

“Allison’s classes helped me so much! I took your coaching guidance, followed my beating heart, and found peace and happiness. All my visions on my vision board have come true. I am much happier and believe in what my inner self is telling me. I have prayed to my angels and they have always delivered. This is an amazing story, and I am now a big big believer of sending positive energy out to the universe. Thank you for your wisdom and guiding me into the right direction of following my own North Star.
-J.A. mom and business owner


“Allison’s coaching style put me at ease to honestly identify my life’s purposes — working with her is the best decision and the smartest investment I’ve ever made. Within three sessions, my vision was quickly taking shape and benefiting my life in ways I never imagined without her guidance. After a full year of being incredibly stuck in all areas of my life, I secured my company’s most financially-rewarding contract to date, created new exciting opportunities for travel, and, I met an amazing man whom I’m now dating.”
J. – business owner

Sarah McLean
“I have known Allison for years. She is consistently clear, wise, and charming and her presence is magnetic and welcoming, whether she is coaching a client or encouraging someone to practice yoga. At our Soul Radiance Retreat in Sedona she offered a daily yoga program that was accessible to anyone, whether they were a first timer or a veteran yoga practitioner. Allison is an expert at what she does.”

-Sarah McLean, author, meditation expert, and director of McLean Meditation Institute

“By choice, I found myself confronting significant change in my professional life. I put a lot of energy into maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional, so I knew that this change would also profoundly affect my personal choices. Allison was able to show me a clear line of sight from where I was to where I wanted to be – keeping life balance in tact. Her talent for listening with an open and creative mind and her ability to articulate with candor and humor makes her a very effective life coach and advisor.”
-M.S. – mom and V.P. of Fortune 100 technology company

Joanie Fagan
“Allison’s Motherhood Redefined presentation was brilliant! Her message and examples for joyful motherhood are genius and amazing!”

-Joanie Fagan – mom, actress & comedian, creator & producer of 3 Blonde Moms

“Allison knows exactly how to pull you through a coaching session using her keen sense of intellect and intuition. She will zero in on your strengths, dissolve your weaknesses, and create a strong, exclusive personal plan just for you! You can trust Allison to support your mind and spirit with utmost care.”
L.G. – mom, technology executive and life coach

Michelle Maros
“Coaching with Allison has been invaluable for me…She has helped me transform my life from feeling average and going mindlessly through the motions of everyday life to feeling empowered and living life with purpose. Allison is very compassionate and easy to talk to, which I believe is one of the reasons why she has been so helpful for me. I am so grateful for the time we have spent together and would highly recommend coaching to anyone looking for clarity and support in their lives.”

-Michelle Maros – writer & yoga instructor

“I have worked with Allison to precipitate major shifts in my life on several occasions. Her guidance is wise and unconditional. Her intuition is strong and clear; she relies heavily on her intuitive senses to tap into my situation and help me feel my way into my next step. She balances her intuitive knowing with tangible tools that put the foundation under the big dreams. I am so grateful for Allison’s coaching in my life and would recommend her to anyone ready to shift into a grander version of themselves!”

Michele Celentano
“Allison Clay is the “real deal”. A no-holds barred, straightforward life coach who gets the job done. Using the term “life coach” does not come close to describing the depth of what Allison does. Through fundamental and proven techniques, she teaches and helps put into practice invaluable life skills that create an environment of success in every aspect of life…Allison’s brilliant style of coaching has improved every area of my life from business to personal. I truly believe that having Allison as a coach is not luxury spending but money well spent as a necessity in teaching the most effective ways to be successful in every area of life.”

-Michele Celentano, mom and award-winning photographer, Canon Camera spokesperson

“When I first called Allison, it was because I was confused about how to balance all of my goals and dreams. I felt a lot of frustration in how to manage my time. I knew some of the dreams I had for my life, but not how to make them become a reality. I was also struggling as a perfectionist who would not take action if I could not do it perfectly. Working with Allison has taken me on a journey of self-discovery; helping me to discover the beliefs that hold me back from taking action, figuring out the areas where I am stubbornly resisting change, and helping me understand how I can change my thinking in ways that bring me closer to my ideal life. She has helped me to believe in my potential, and our conversations have inspired me and guided me in how to go about making the changes I need to make to live my dreams. She has helped me to change my old belief systems that leave me stuck, in favor of new, inspiring and effective beliefs that keep me moving forward. She has supported me in creating more structure in my life, helping me to balance responsibilities with the activities I love. She has guided me in finding clarity and purpose in how I spend my time. She helps me to consider different paths of action, and to find which path works best for me. Allison has motivated and inspired me at the times I need it most. In our time together, Allison has supported me through many transition periods, including moving to another state, living life as newlywed wife, and even healing in post-surgery recovery. Allison has guided me in moving forward on my goals, showing me what my options really are in life. I am now a RECOVERING perfectionist who takes ACTION and makes progress on my life goals, including losing weight and following my dream of creating change by working on a political campaign. Allison has been like the wise older sister who supports, encourages and advises me in living the life of my dreams.”

“I was out of town at a special retreat when I was lucky enough to attend one of Allison’s yoga classes. Not being someone who does yoga everyday, it was a nice surprise to see how easy it was for me to let go of my mind’s worries. I found her class to be fun, comfortable, mindful and spiritual, while also challenging. When it was over, I was sore in the best possible way! Allison is very knowledgeable about her craft but one of her best attributes is that she corrects with a gentle hand. I only wish she lived in my home town.”

“Working with Allison Clay has been instrumental to my personal and professional relationships, equally. She listens intently and asks tough questions after, the kind you would not ask yourself without guidance. I find myself thinking about those questions now in advance before I act, and this has been a very powerful mechanism of change for me. Your needs and plans are at the forefront of the experience.

Her ‘homework assignments’ are meaningful explorations of why certain situations are put before you and help you find opportunities for growth. I find her integrated approach- dealing with all aspects of your life especially helpful because how you do one thing often affects how you do others in subtle ways. With Allison, you create an opportunity to move forward with grace, understanding and lightheartedness. I recommend her coaching services wholeheartedly.”

“Allison was a prayer answered for me. I was at a crossroad in my life (or midlife crisis) and was really evaluating my life, my purpose, my goals, my marriage, my health, what I wanted to do with my life since my move. I knew in my heart that I needed to make changes in all areas of my life and that felt overwhelming not knowing where to start. Now I know that Allison was a prayer answered and God put her in my life at the perfect time. She truly has a gift of listening and helping you find out what you want out of your life and putting it down on paper and setting small goals to help you get there. She helps you prioritize the areas that you need to work on first and holds you accountable. We met weekly to stay on track and it was exactly what I needed. Allison truly has a gift and she is using it to bless others.”
R.M. – mom, triathlete and million dollar realtor

“Allison Clay has helped me get unstuck and get moving. Let’s face it, we’ll all move forward on our own, but Allison has helped me do that much more quickly than on my own, and more importantly with Grace. Her style is very intuitive and creative. You may find yourself dealing with a festering personal issue to help your business grow, like the medicine man who helps your knee feel better by rubbing your neck. Results are guaranteed. My personal life is full of joy, my business is up, running, making money and I feel reconnected to that joie-de-vivre we all so desire. What I value the most about our time however is that when I’m stuck I find myself turning to some of the tools Allison has taught me to get out of my box. She has done her work and now I feel confident to fly on my own. She’s a star and if you do the work with her, pause and make your wishes. They do come true.”

“Allison’s knowledge on the latest issues that women are facing in the home, careers, life and relationships brought so much value to my program. She did an amazing job of organizing an informative and interactive event for our ladies that gave them practical tools to use on their own. The feedback that I have received was greater than I expected!”
-D.H. – mom and coordinator of women’s ministry

“I sought out Allison to help me with my issues around weight loss. I found Allison to be a very supportive and insightful coach. She listened carefully to me and helped me deal in a very personal way with my fears and obsessive thought patterns about my weight, food, and exercise. Allison helped me realize that I was worrying too much about my health and judging myself too harshly to make any real progress toward a healthier lifestyle. Through patients and careful direction she helped me focus on making my life less stressful and more on joyful. As a result I took a less stressful position, and have reduced the number of hours a week I work. I feel much more relaxed and have more time to exercise and cook healthy meals. In addition I’ve noticed that my obsessive thought patterns are not as all-encompassing as they had been before I worked with Allison. I thank Allison’s wise coaching for this shift.”
S.R. – publishing manager

“So much has changed in my life since I have worked with Allison (for the better!). I am starting to take better care of myself by joining a weekly yoga class, I joined a Mom’s group and started a book club….Allison has even inspired me to become a Life Coach!”
M.S. – mom of 3 – Chicago, IL

“Allison is a dynamic speaker – funny, authentic, and brilliant. After hearing her speak, I knew I had to hire her to be my coach. Everyone needs a coach! I began working with Allison about nine months ago and my life looks completely different now. I was so tired and everything was such a huge effort. Over time I have truly turned the direction of my life. I am excited about the where I am headed, taking risks with confidence and achieving goals that once seemed out of reach. I recommend investing in your future by hiring Allison.”
C.K. – mom and business owner

“In the three months since I began receiving life coaching from Allison Clay, I have been able to make a major shift. I used to view my writing as a fun hobby. Allison’s coaching has enabled me to empower myself to take risks. These risks have given me the confidence to see myself as a professional writer worthy of being compensated well for my writing. I now market and sell myself as a Hollywood comedy writer.”
S.S. – comedy writer and recruiting executive

“I had a great time at the LIFE CHOICES workshop! You were great!! You had good ideas that could be applied immediately. I enjoyed the general concepts as well as the specific suggestions.
The big moment for me was when we wrote the “to do” list. What are we doing either for ourselves to strengthen ourselves or feed ourselves so that we can be at our best, or even be the person we were born to be? Excellent ah-ha moment! Thank you! I can’t wait to hear you speak again.”
S.B. – mom and business owner

“I enjoyed the MOVING TOWARD BALANCE seminar! I love learning and have attended many seminars and read many books on helping women find balance in their lives and Allison is one of the best I’ve heard! Allison did an outstanding job and it is obvious she loves what she does! I definitely picked up some new practical tips that I can use in my busy life. I look forward to hearing Allison speak again.”
L.P. – mom and business owner

“Allison’s workshop on FINDING MORE TIME was great! She is entertaining and fun to listen to. The time went by so fast, wish it was an hour longer! I loved the grid exercise. Because of the class, I have already begun implementing changes in my life!”
K.P. – customer sales rep