whole life reboot cleanseIf you are wanting more energy, to finally get some restful sleep, lose inches of fat that never seem to budge, gain lean muscle, remove toxins, learn how to eat clean, learn how to love your body no matter what shape it is in, and have a positive support group. Then this is the right program for you.

Picture This: 30 days from now

You have more energy than you know what to do with.  You feel unstoppable, almost giddy. Your kids can’t keep up with you, and your couch misses you.

Your head is clear and focused.  Ideas and plans are overflowing… and you are following through. Life is easier and more organized.

You feel lean and strong. Your waist is smaller, your biceps are bigger, and the belly bloat has disappeared (bye bye muffin top). You have to buy new jeans in a smaller size. You can actually say (honestly) you like to exercise.

All systems are balancing. You are sleeping through the night, your digestive system is flowing, the daily afternoon headaches are a distant memory, and your skin… oh my, it glows!

Your meals are clean, healthy and delicious. You have even kicked that nasty sugar jones. You dream about and crave brussels sprouts and kale (well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch). You even save money on your grocery bill.

You love yourself more. You see your body with new, loving eyes. You are at peace and see limitless possibilities for your life. You feel so proud of yourself for not quitting like you used to.  Discipline and the mirror are your new best friends.



These are the results that our participants are experiencing from The Whole Body Reboot. Results may vary, but everyone finishes in a better, happier state.

We have created an exclusive private community for you to achieve your best body, health and life from the inside out.  Our team of coaches help you bust through the excuses and limiting beliefs, call you out on your B.S., and surround you with a positive, inspiring and supportive community to cheer you on.

We have all the tools to help you succeed. No one will be left behind.



  • Good, solid nutrition is essential to your optimal health and happiness.
  • How you feel is more important than how you look.
  • Strong is sexy.
  • Sweat & exercise (and even a few tears) are good for you! And essential for transformation.
  • No matter who you are, what your story is, or how big your goal, you can do this… it starts with a desire for change.
  • We believe very woman and man deserves to live in a body they love and create the life they desire.

This program is designed to help you figure out what you need to be your best self.  This is not a diet, a fad, or about deprivation. It is about creating a joyful, healthy, fit lifestyle.



“My mood is surprisingly good, I noticed more energy and my waist is slimmer. I may get that six pack I have been wanting.”

“I know I’m only 1 week into it but, I feel really good…lost about 4-5 lbs so far! Had way more energy….my excitement and motivation over all is way up!”

“It’s Week 2 and it is going really well.  I usually walk 3-5 miles a day and am looking to add more in this week. I will plan that! I think I’ve lost about 6 pounds. I am also feeling connected with eating clean!”

“I decided to do my weigh-ins and measurements this morning in week 2 to keep me on track during weekend activities. I am down 6 pounds from the start, and some of my measurements are about an inch down too. I almost didn’t believe it and checked twice…yep, all good.  I hurt my shoulder in yoga, so I’m shifting to more biking and walking. I really like this system! I feel great, healthy…have had one migraine but way better than two times a week!…and again, I don’t feel hungry! I love that!”


Here’s what you receive when you enroll…

  • Daily coaching, education, and action plans specific to weight loss, cleansing, goal setting, mindset, emotional eating, exercise, and clean eating. Delivered online via group phone calls (recorded for you to replay), videos, access to private member website, hand-outs and action step homework.
  • A 30 day Cleanse Kit with healthy meal replacement shakes and snacks, enough for two meals a day. (Note: All products are all natural, organic, & non-GMO. No fake junk or stimulants. Just nutrient dense, cleansing super-foods.)
  • Weekly group coaching calls – led by our team of experts.  Check out the bios of our world-class coaching team below.
  • A private member site for The Whole Body Reboot participants to post progress, share recipes, ask questions, and get daily coaching and support from the coaches and fellow Rebooters.
  • 30-day supply of our top rated multivitamin pack. A foundational product for your best health and longevity. Includes superior healthy aging and whole-body nutritional support. Cellular and telomere support, plus a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and antioxidants for complete nourishment.*
  • A mini blender that is easy to transport and make your shakes anywhere *
  • Low glycemic meal replacement bars and cleanse day chocolate snacks.*
  • Additional supplements for energy, electrolyte replacement and cleansing.
  • Shopping lists, meal plans and recipes to keep you on track with your healthy eating.
  • Exercise plans customized to your fitness level and interests.
  • Lifetime access to all program content and resources.
  • An opportunity to enter into a free 16-week total body transformation challenge. Because we believe that transformations are for everybody, we award all who successfully complete their Body Challenge with $200 of Products. And the best part? Everyone who completes the Challenge also has the chance to win their share of over $200,000 in cash and prizes. The Grand Prize winner will receive $25,000.
  • A transformed, healthier body, and a new outlook on life!
    *denotes products in the deluxe pack

Your 30-Day plan looks like this:

  • Upon registration you’ll receive immediate access to the private member site loaded with information on how to clean up your kitchen, pantry, and prep for your cleanse and new lifestyle, including your suggested shopping list and resource guide to make your program a success.
  • You will mark your progress by taking before and after measurements, weight and photos.
  • Once the program begins, you will receive group call information, online coaching assignments, videos, handouts, tips, action items, recipes and inspiration that will teach you everything you need to know.
  • During the program, you’ll follow the 30 day Cleanse program of delicious healthy shakes and meal replacement bars* to help stabilize your blood sugar and jump-start your weight loss. Once your product box arrives, you will start the Reboot cleanse. You’ll be eating 5-6 small meals each day and will not feel hungry.

Do you have more than 10-15 lbs to lose or more muscle to gain?

After the initial 30 days, many of the participants want to continue on the cleanse, or transition to a new custom plan. We’ll adjust your program for greater weight loss, more energy or athletic performance depending on your goals. Let us know when you register if this is your goal.


November 2016


Contact the coach who referred you
or email allison@allisonclay.com



Click here to listen to the info call on the program details

In this video, my coaching partner, Erin Postle shares the details of the program…


Enroll with two friends, and you will receive money back to pay for a 30-day program. Ask us for the details when you register.



wid-yogaAllison Clay – Certified Master Life Coach, Wellness Expert and Yoga Instructor
Allison has a diverse background having worked in corporate America and being an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years educating and training people to achieve optimal physical and mental health. A couple of years ago, a life threatening illness caused her to being to lose her memory, left her weak, heavier, and malnourished. Through a protocol of clean eating, cleansing, supplements, and exercise, she recovered and is stronger than ever. Allison knows first hand the healing power of eating real, clean food, nourishing the body with proper supplementation, and exercise. She believes anyone can achieve exceptional wellness in mind, body and spirit.


allison hinesAllison Hines – Certified Life and Health Coach
Allison comes from a successful Corporate background where she utilizes her CPA, MBA, and her Life Coach certification to help businesses run successful and effective systems. After experiencing a car accident that left her in recovery for a full year, Allison decided to become a Certified Health Coach to learn how to naturally heal the body and shares with her clients the power creating a system of a healthy lifestyle when you want to add rocket fuel for achieving your goals.




12002178_10206119245914753_889184677323346644_nErin Postle – Weightless Coach and Fitness Expert
Erin is an accomplished Psychotherapist, Weight Coach and the creator of The Weight Loss Toolkit. She is devoted to teaching women how to end emotional eating, and create their ideal body, while living the life they deserve. Through her coaching programs, classes and products, Erin shows her clients how to replace their struggle and pre-occupation with weight with more joy, freedom and abundance.




Michelle Maros — Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Lifestyle Blogger
Michelle has a passion for helping people live their best lives possible, and she believes that starts from the inside out. Dedicating the past five years of her life to wellness, mindfulness, and spiritual study, she has gained tools and tips on how to live a happy, healthy, and radiant life. Through self-love, self-care, and positive habits, Michelle believes that all your wellness (and life) goals are possible.






12039391_10206119133151934_1687155264129394912_nSharon Bondurant — Fitness coach and Entrepreneur
Sharon had a huge body / mind shift transformation that stemmed from competing in her first fitness competition at 41 back in 2011. She did it out of sheer desire to break out of her comfort zone, and ended up taking home 2 first place trophies. Since then she has competed in over 6 competitions including national shows and placed first in the majority of them. In her last national competition, she took first place and overall for the 45+ age group and got her Pro Card, which is a big accomplishment in the bodybuilding world. She will now go on and compete at the Pro level next year. Sharon feels that the mindset shift around exercise and eating was what helped her make her transformation.



Bella Cagnetta – Art Director and Fitness Coach
Bella has been an art director for the past 20 years who always had a passion for dance, fitness and running. While going through a life-changing transformation at 45 she entered her first fitness competition in 2012. She did it to develop her self-confidence and to focus on positive mind set and health goals. Since then, she has competed in over three national fitness competitions and has repeatedly placed in the top five. Bella would like to take what she has learned about living a healthy lifestyle to encourage others to reach their health and fitness goals.