Last week, I asked my client what she really wants.

She said, “I want an extraordinary life and feel empowered to do anything!”

That’s quite a statement.  We explored what it would take to be and feel that way.  I used to think of being extraordinary as meaning I had to win huge awards, be super wealthy, or famous. However, those are the byproducts of being extraordinary.  Did you know you can be extraordinary right now?
Let me explain…

First, let’s define the terms:

EXTRAORDINARY is to be beyond what is usual and to be exceptional in character or remarkable.

So… If it isn’t usual for you to be calm, present, conscious then choosing that “beingness” is extraordinary for you. If you aren’t used to being on time, keeping your promises with yourself or others, or doing what ever it takes to get the job done, then it would be extraordinary to do so.

EMPOWERED is to be given the power to do something. It means a person becomes stronger and more confident in controlling their life or claiming their rights.

You become empowered when you take responsibility for your happiness, you take charge of finding the answers, or fixing something yourself, instead of being a victim or dependent on others to lead.

You become extraordinary the moment you decide to commit to step out of your comfort zone and express yourself authentically in the world.

You become empowered the moment you decide to shape your world, rather than be shaped by it.

It is a spark… a moment when you decide and commit, where you taps into your internal power. An energy that you can’t buy or be given. You becomes the source of your success.

In that moment, you become the sole architect and artist of your life – an extraordinary and empowered woman, where the rest of the world serves as the hammer and chisel you hold in order to shape it to your desire.

How to be extraordinary everyday:

  1. Sit in gratitude. Notice how beautiful and abundant your life is in the simplest ways.
  2. Choose an area of your life that you want to be extra-ordinary.
  3. Be consistently in action with one new habit every day that is uncomfortable and an expression of your authentic self.

VOILA! These little uncomfortable actions lead you to your authentic and extraordinary life in every moment.



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