How to Host a Vision Board Workshop for Little Girls with Big Dreams

If you missed my Vision board party for girls at ivivva (a cool active wear store for young girls by Lululemon).

Here’s the “How To” instructions to host your own event.

1. Send an Invitation
Pick a place, time and date. Invite your favorite Little Girls with Big Dreams (and their moms and dads too).

2. Gather Supplies
Collect a lot of magazines (that you can cut up), photographs, pens and markers, scissors, glue, and a large poster boards. Ask the girls to bring photos and images of things they love too so it is more personal.

3. What is a Vision Board?
A vision board is something you create to remind yourself of your own, personal goals. Whether you wish to get better grades in school, make new friends or get a summer job, your vision board represents a collection of your greatest dreams and desires. Once you’ve made your vision board, you’ll be able to look at it and use it as a reminder of the things you want to achieve most.

4. How to make a vision board
You glue images and words cut from magazines or photographs, or drawn/written by hand, to a large piece of poster board. It’s like a fun craft project!

5. Gather the girls and do a short 3 – 5 minute mediation
Get in a comfortable seated position (on the floor or in a chair). Close your eyes, take long deep breaths. imagine yourself one year from now, and 10 years from now. What do you see yourself doing, achieving, experiencing. How does it make you feels? Stop talking and let them imagine in the silence.

6. How to set long term and short goals
After the meditations, before you start cutting and pasting, write a list of your dreams, wishes, and goals that you saw in your meditation.

Examples of short term goals:

  1. To learn how to play the piano.
  2. To get a job babysitting this summer.
  3. To get an A in math this year.

Examples of long term goals:

  1. To go to college.
  2. To become a pilot, actress or Olympic athlete some day.
  3. To drive a convertible car when I turn 16.

7. Creating your vision board
After you’ve made a list of your goals and dreams, start flipping through the magazines and photographs, cutting out images and words that relate to your goals and dreams. Glue the images to your board.
For the above lists, you may find and choose the following images and words:

Images: A piano, puppy, babysitter with kids, airplane, convertible

Words: “Confidence”, “love”, “Pilot”, “Harvard College”, “Win an Emmy Award”, “A+”

Remember: There are no limits when it comes to your own, personal goals and dreams. With patience, hard work and dedication, any dream is doable, and any wish is achievable!

8. Inspire the girls to take action
Challenge them to take one small actions or create a habit they can do to get closer to their goals and vision.








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