Exposing your flaws makes you shine brighter

Many times I have restrained myself from expressing my truth, talents, joy, excitement, failures, and success. It was out of fear of people not liking me and worry of they will think — “she’s dumb, bragging, showoff, weird, too good to be true” or whatever the story is. So I lived safe, and as “perfectly” as possible.

Being a perfectionist is an exhausting lifestyle because you are forcing yourself to be, say and do whatever you think will get you love and approval in that moment.

All humans need to belong and feel loved to thrive and survive. The irony is we isolate ourselves from love when we live in the perfectionist prison.

When people live out of alignment with their truth and values, they become sick, angry, and depressed. I was all of that.

What I have experienced is when I let my light shine and express my truth, it inspires others to do the same.

Living my truth (the good, bad and the ugly) has attracted some of the most extraordinary people into my life who love me just the way I am! They are imperfectly perfect and “flawsome” just like me. They love unconditionally and don’t expect me to be different.

And I’m accepting of the ones who don’t agree with me, criticize, judge, or leave my life. We simply are not a match. Simple as that. And I no longer exhaust myself trying to prove my worth to them or be “right”. My energy is best spent elsewhere.

All of us have important gifts to share with the world. If we want to live in a healthy world of love, kindness, abundance, and peace, it is imperative that we rise up together and support each other in spreading our unique light in the world.




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