Great White Shark

There is good reason that sharks are at the top of the food chain. They are fearless, calculating, respected, and well, frightening. After watching the 24/7 Discovery Channel Shark Week, I wonder how many thousands of watchers are paralyzed with fear of entering bodies of water (swimming pools included).

In my coaching practice, I help my clients overcome fear and get in action. After watching traumatic episode after episode of the dangers of these frenzied monsters, I had an aha: You don’t have to become a menacing terror to be successful, shark offers other qualities that are sure to help you rise up the food chain.

Fearless Shark Tips:

1. Move or die. Certain shark species (such as Great White Shark) will drown if they stop moving. They lack necessary muscles to pump water through their mouth. And like a shark, if you stay stagnant, you decline.  Your health can go to pot, your business won’t grow, and you just get plain stuck.  When you exercise, your energy increases and you lose weight; when you make more sales calls, you get more clients; and when you clean a closet, your mind clutter clears.  Get moving to create opportunity.

2. Follow your instincts. Sharks are masters of survival. They have the ability to smell a single drop of blood, and to sense a fish thrashing in the water miles away.  Shark energy offers the gift of sensing the physical and emotional state of other people. Use your senses to read the emotions of people around you, and help you determine how best to navigate a situation.  When making decisions, listen to your gut, look for clues and signs to point you in the right direction. Cultivate your intuition.

3. Develop thick skin. Shark skin is extremely thick; it insulates and protects from injury.  Don’t take others jabs and insults personally, remind yourself that you don’t need everyone’s approval.  Criticism often comes from a person’s own insecurities and pain. Ignore bullies and stay focused on you.

4. Try new things, but don’t waste time pursing what you don’t love. If a shark bites you, it probably won’t take a second taste. They typically bite, then let go after realizing they’re not eating sea animals.  Investigate and sample what you are attracted to, but if it isn’t your passion, don’t waste more time on it. In contrast, to show his romantic interest, a male blue shark will bite a female – hard. Many shark species use this mating technique. Chase and take a big bite of what you love. Follow your passion.

5. Create strong boundaries. Physically sharks naturally scare away other beings—when it is noticed. You can use this technique to ward off potential threats or just to be left alone. When you need time to yourself or when you are feeling threatened, use Shark energy to set up an emotional border that people will not want to cross. Be clear of what you want and learn how to say no.

6. Get your facts straight. Of the roughly 50 shark attacks reported each year, only 10% prove to be fatal. So while an attack is rare, dying from one is even rarer.  You are more likely to die from a plane crash than a shark attack. Don’t let unproven facts stop you in your tracks. Keep your life in perspective and down let fear keep you out of the ocean, so to speak.

Happy swimming.

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