Follow the bread crumbs of your intuition

Bread_CrumbsA trail of bread crumbs left on the forest path is what led Hansel and Gretel home. Human beings instinctively want to feel safe in a place they can call home. We crave to feel at home in the houses we build, the lives we create, and our physical bodies.  How do you find where you belong in life?  There are so many paths to choose from and distractions to lead you astray.  Humans have a wonderful guidance system that we often ignore or don’t know how to follow.  This guidance is called intuition.  It is information that is always available to you at any time.  But it takes practice, trust and action to recognize it and allow it to lead you home to the life you were meant to live.


On Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11 a.m. CT, I will be a guest on Paulette Pipe‘s radio show Touching the Stillness. Please listen in as I will be sharing how to RECOGNIZE, LISTEN to and FOLLOW your INTUITION. Get details on how to listen to the show here.

Do you know when intuition is speaking to you?  What does it look, sound or feel like? I will explain how to know when intuition is speaking to you and how and why you should follow it.  I’ve learned that when I “follow the breadcrumbs”, miracles happen and my life unfolds easily and beautifully!   I welcome your questions and comments on intuition.



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